As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the physicians and staff at Performance Orthopedics have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words. Here are some of our favorites:

“Five years ago, I had arthroscopic knee surgery. Three years ago I tried to ski again and injured my knee worse and decided that my ski trips had ended for the rest of my life. For the next two years, because of knee pain and knee weakness, I essentially ceased playing golf and ceased any walking except what was necessary. Thirteen months ago you began treating my knee. Last week I skied at Steamboat with family, something that I did not expect to do again. Now I walk every day. This is a thank you note for what you do that helped me to walk, golf, and even ski again.”

“We prayed to get us to the right place in healing Jerry’s knees. We honestly believe he has answered our prayers. It is the first time I have walked without pain in 4 years.” – Jerry S.

“I wanted to send this picture of my son, William and myself with a nice gobbler that I called up for him in the Ozarks this spring. I owe it all to you that I am pain free and able to enjoy my lifelong passions of hunting, fishing and gardening. My knee had caused me great pain and swelling for several years as a result of a boating injury in my twenties and the surgical removal of the cartilage at that time. I had arthroscopic surgery and multiple syn-visc and cortisone shots in the last 5 years prior to meeting you. The results of those actions were minimal and did not last any length of time. I was taking 12 or more ibuprofen a day just to dull the pain so I could continue to walk and hunt and fish and garden. I had arrived at the point, that to avoid pain, I was giving up on the outdoor life that I loved. I consulted with two different orthopedic surgeons who told me that the only way I would ever walk pain free was to have a total knee replacement. I dreaded the thought of that. I was fortunate to meet a lady who had been treated by you with great success and she gave me your contact information. My knee responded to your procedure in an amazing way. My knee just got stronger and stronger. My recovery time from the procedure was minimal. I kept the knee iced and took it easy for a couple days. After those first two days I have never had to take another ibuprofen for pain or swelling. Meeting you and having the procedure done has been an incredible blessing to my life. It is allowing me to enjoy my retirement years pain free. Thank you so very much!”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Everyone there is so very kind, helpful, and caring. I am a journeyman electrician who does a lot of overhead work, pole climbing, and pulling cable with my shoulders. I had 2 years of chronic left shoulder pain (including one arthroscopic surgery that provided no pain relief). After one treatment, I am now finally pain free and getting my life back in order. Thank you all so very much.”

“I would like to update my status from Poster Child to ROCKSTAR! Who knew I could feel this great??!? I went skiing for five days and everyday I woke up amazed at how awesome my knees felt. I was skiing like I was thirty again! I did everything you told me not too – hiked up Aspen Highlands, hiked on Berthoud Pass, and skied lots of bumps and steeps. Before I had the stem cells my knees hurt everyday. I had crunching, swelling, and limited range of motion. Nighttime was the worst. I would toss and turn and my knees felt like they were going to dislocate. All of these pains are gone. Thank you so much for healing my aching knees. Hopefully I won’t see you again for ten years, but I would do this every two years if I could get these results. Thank You” – Suzie Hanneke Westerbeck, Westwood Catering

“In November 2007 I was told by two separate orthopedic surgeons that I needed an artificial knee replacement in order to relieve my chronic knee pain. I had my first BMAC procedure in March of 2008, I was 39. Following the BMAC and two PRP procedures I was able to get back to exercising regularly and I was able to lose over 25 pounds I had gained since I had become inactive. The PRP procedures were followed by two fat grafts in early 2009. In March of 2009, on my 40th birthday, I ran a 5k race – that would not have been possible in 2008!”

“Thank you for spending time with me last week. I learned a great deal and am very appreciative of your training me on your regenerative medicine techniques. I observed mutual respect between you and your patients and was very impressed with how many people you have helped. I hope to be as effective for my patients in my own practice.” – G. Hsu MD

“I thought of you this morning as I was doing my “bed exercises” before getting out of bed – crunches and trying to touch my chin with my knee – three sets of each – takes about six minutes. I was doing the exercises without pain – WITHOUT PAIN!!! What a blessing! I am also walking free of pain and climbing stairs. I started volunteering at a local hospital last month as an escort/courier and loving every minute of it. In spite of the setbacks after my last treatment, including the fall where I broke some bones and could not get physical therapy, I am pain free! Thank you so much for your kindness and treatment. The students in my Friday afternoon group are interested in your treatment, and I am happy to be a walking example of your work.”

“Thanks to you guys for your treatment. I went 3-for-3 finishing with lifting 507 lbs. for a new American record. I picked up best lifter honors for the Masters over the age 40. Thank you for allowing me to return to the sport I love.”

“Before I had my procedure to inject stem cells into my knees, I had pain and swelling in both knees. After having the stem cell injections the pain and swelling were almost gone in both knees in two weeks. The procedure was not very painful and only took two hours from start to finish.” – Raymond Hellweg, MD

“MY FOOT IS ALREADY BETTER! Not perfect, but much better! Thanks to you all for the caring and support you have shown to me!”

“Just a heartfelt note to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” from the bottom of my heart!!” – D.F. Naples

“I saw your patient James back in follow-up today. We always talk about his shoulders. He asked that you be elevated to sainthood at the time of the election of such things! I know the type of work you do is not widely understood by many of us in the medical community including myself. However…he has had what he assesses as a 90% improvement in his symptoms. He is able to do things he wasn’t able to before, particularly working up over his head. He is an electrical contractor and does a lot of wiring and such activities. It has been a pleasure to see him do as well as he’s done.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your “bed-side” manner. When I came to you last year because I had strained my periformus muscle during a 10k. It was so refreshing to know you yourself are an athlete and that you could relate and understand many of the symptoms I was experiencing. After sharing with me the 3 options I had to treat my strain, I asked you what you would choose to do, if you were me. I loved how you so willingly gave me feedback about what you would do. Thanks for keeping things real! – Kelly DeLine (Now a 1/2 marathon runner wannabe!!!)”

“You have improved Jim’s quality of life (and mine) a great deal and we thank you.” – Jeanie

“For you and your staff I want to say thanks from my heart, and that of my wife’s also. I have been crying, wincing, troubled, and in pain since March 2014, and with surgery set up, my wife and I talked of other options. A Paddling friend suggested your site, so I followed up, and the appointment was made. Flew in Wednesday in pain and discomfort. Procedure done Thursday (wonderful), went home Friday, did a good job of not picking up anything (for the most very aware of weight). No work, just let my arms heal. NO PAIN OF ANY KIND AFTER THE THIRD DAY, had full motion to both arms by the fourth day although this was done very lightly. Both arms feel good with full extension and no pain, but still in the healing and PT mode and being very selective of what I do. SO much better than the other way the doctors here wanted me to go. Again MAHALO for your service” – G.D.

“Thank you for the generous time you gave me yesterday. Your explanation, ultrasound, and exam of my knee were wonderful. Your staff was amazing. You have been a real blessing for me.” – Jeanne S.

“I work out regularly, play indoor soccer, and I can play soccer with my kids again. I have no pain and no swelling.”

“Words are inadequate to express how much I appreciate all you have done for me and my shoulder pain. You are AWESOME.”

“I so appreciate your excellent doctoring! With great gratitude!” – Amber J