Ankle sprains and strains are common (often sports injuries) that may take a few weeks to many months to heal completely.

The Achilles tendon joins your calf muscle to your heel. Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendon injuries and tears are common injuries that may happen if you land hard on your heel during sports.

Achilles tendonitis may be more likely to occur if you:

  • Increase your amount of intensity of an activity suddenly
  • Have very tight calf muscles (not stretched out)
  • Run on hard surfaces, such as concrete
  • Run too often
  • Participate in sports that involve jumping a lot (such as basketball)
  • Don’t wear shoes that give your feet proper support
  • Turn your foot in and out suddenly
Ankle and Achilles Tendon Injuries

If you are suffering from ankle or achilles tendon pain, we encourage you to learn more about your nonsurgical options with stem cell therapy or PRP therapy.