Female Athlete Injury Prevention Program-Injury Screening at Local high schools The staff at Performance Orthopedics and members of Oakland University’s Recreation Department have initiated a program to screen female athletes in order to assess their risk for injury. They provide free injury prevention screenings for High School female athletes.

Our team of doctors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers evaluate the young athletes for any imbalances that may predispose them to injury. Based on the findings, a score is derived which places the athletes in various categories of relative risk. For those with a significant risk for injury, referrals are made to seek help to correct imbalances and thus reduce risk of injury. We can also suggest programs or products that might help the female athlete in decreasing their risk of injury. One program through Oakland University Recreational Department focuses on core strengthening and sport specific drills to reduce injury.

SuperBowl: 40 Days of Fitness
Performance Orthopedics was proud to be a part of the 40 Days of Fitness leading up to the SuperBowl. Performance Orthopedics in conjunction with the NFL, William Beaumont Hospitals and numerous supporting businesses of the Detroit metro area provided a variety of free services and information about different health factors. Doctors Jurist, Guettler, and Bak spoke to people about common injuries seen in different populations and then provided a free screening to anyone interested.

On the final day of the 40 Days of Fitness, Performance Orthopedics sponsored a booth where people could receive information about specific sport injury prevention, talk to the doctors about orthopedic issues, have a free injury risk screening, and perform a fitness challenge supervised by Oakland University’s Recreational Department, not to mention having a chance to win free SuperBowl tickets!