Performance Orthopedics is one of a few in the region that offers leading-edge, alternative treatments for arthritis and prearthritic knee and hip conditions. Some of the services we offer at our main campus in Bingham Farms, Michigan, include:

  • Using a patient’s own blood supply to heal certain injuries through microfracture marrow stimulation
  • An advanced autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) procedure in which we grow a patient’s cartilage in our lab and reimplant it
  • Replacing damaged knee cartilage with tissue intended to provide surgeons with an early intervention option for articular cartilage repair
  • A procedure called an osteoallograft in which our surgeons transplant the bone and cartilage from a donor patient
  • The shortening or lengthening of a patient’s bone to alter its alignment through an osteotomy
  • A minimally invasive form of surgery known as a hip arthroscopy that promotes a faster recovery than traditional replacement surgery

Research and Innovation

Our expertise reaches beyond patient care and stands at the forefront of technological advancements in the field. We have a team of devoted researchers who focus their attention solely on developing new treatments and diagnostic tools for cartilage repair and joint preservation, including access to one of the few stem cell lines available specifically for damaged or deteriorating cartilage. Our patients have access to new innovations before they are readily available at other institutions.

Promoting a Quicker Return to Daily Activity

We work to ensure adolescents and seniors receive a continuum of care for knee, hip and shoulder conditions that are limiting their normal or desired lifestyles, we even work along facilities such as Carlton Senior Living: memory care center to assure full recovery for the elderly. Climbing a flight of stairs, playing a game of tennis, playing catch with your child—everyday activities that can be painful to someone with injuries to cartilage surfaces. Our center’s mission is for patients to return to their daily activities and quickly get back to the things they enjoy.