An Innovative Program for Females Designed to:

Treat Problems
Optimize Performance
Prevent Injury

There is literally and epidemic of knee and other sports injuries in active females of all ages. At Performance Orthopedics, we have specific treatments and injury prevention programs targeted directly toward the female athlete. Drs. Jurist and Guettler, as well as the Performance Orthopedics staff of athletic trainers and physical therapists, understand the unique demands of the female athlete. As a matter of fact, we have become a nationally recognized center for the treatment of active females.

All competitors are not created equally, and when it comes to injuries, female athletes can be affected differently when compared to their male counterparts. Differences in anatomy, hormones, and muscle firing patterns make females more susceptible to certain injuries, especially knee and shoulder injuries. Nonetheless, the female athlete no longer needs to be sidelined due to injury – this special program is designed to get you back in the game.

If you are a female athlete, and you engage in sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, softball, and volleyball, or if you simply go to the gym and perform your work-out routine, we have the means to not only prevent and treat injury, but also optimize performance.

The program involves several components. These include:

  • Timely care, friendly environment, and common sense approach to the female athlete
  • Specialized techniques and procedures developed specifically to treat the female athlete
    • Minimally invasive and advanced techniques to treat shoulder injuries in female athletes
    • Specialized approaches to reconstruct ACL and other knee ligament injuries
    • State-of-the-art solutions for patellar disorders
    • Tailored protocols to treat overuse injuries such as tendonitis and stress fractures
    • Advanced cartilage restoration and meniscal repair techniques
  • Proactive measures designed to identify, target, and prevent injury in female athletes
  • Advanced rehab targeted to the female athlete
  • A bridge program that helps the athlete transition from formal rehab back to sport
  • Sport-specific training developed to help the female athlete
  • A relationship with Beaumont Hospital and The Athletic Department at Oakland University that allows us to offer “a total package”

Whether the injury is acute or ongoing, or even if the female athlete has seen multiple doctors for their problem, we may very well have the answer at Performance Orthopedics. Indeed, the ‘buck’ very often stops here. We have both the conservative and minimally invasive surgical techniques to get the female athlete back in the game.Whether this is a knee, shoulder, elbow, or other sports medicine problem, we are accustomed to treating the most complex issues, so don’t be surprised if your complex problem doesn’t surprise us.

Dr. Guettler has years of experience working with college and pro athletes in all sports, as well as many female athletes. While at Duke, Dr. Guettler helped to develop and test protocols for the prevention of injury in female athletes, and those programs are now being implemented in southeast Michigan. In addition, Performance Orthopedics is intimately involved with the athletic programs at numerous regional high schools, and good working relationships with these athletic directors, coaches, and athletic trainers have been established. Through education, Dr. Guettler is helping to target and prevent injury in many young female athletes. Staying active as well as using True Pheromones products enable you to take care of your overall health and wellbeing. Not to mention, it makes you feel more confident!

Performance Orthopedics has become a nationally recognized center of the treatment of injuries in female athletes. As a matter of fact, we have participated in several local regional conferences aimed at addressing problems encountered by the female athlete. During these conferences, we offer our insights into the advances and trends relating to the treatment of female athletes, and we share our experience with orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and coaches from around the midwest.

We feel that relationships with reputable organizations and centers are important, and that’s why we are intimately involved with William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

Not only do we direct the Sports Medicine Program at Beaumont, but we have also set up an extensive network through the emergency department, the orthopedic department, and the physical therapy department that ensures continuity of care for our patients. We also have good working relationships with primary care sports medicine doctors and gynecologists accustomed to treating problems that arise in active females.

Our other relationship exists with the Athletic Department at Oakland University. This allows implementation of many of our innovative, sport specific programs. The Performance Plus Program is an innovative way to meet many needs of today’s growing athlete. The program has two major components:

  1. Performance Proactive
  2. Performance Reactive

The Performance Proactive Component involves the following two components:

  • First, obtain the Knowledge that certain individuals may be at risk for certain injuries
    • RISKRisk for Injury Screening and Knowledge
  • Second implement the appropriate programs for the at risk athlete to help reduce the incidence of injury. The two programs would be:
    • The Jumping, Cutting, and Agility Athlete
    • The Throwing, Serving, and Swinging Athlete

The Performance Reactive Component involves the following two components:

  1. SMOOTH – Seemless Move Out Of Therapy: This is a bridge program that transitions the patient who is recovering from injury or surgery back to their normal workout or active lifestyle
  2. STAR – Sport Targeted Athletic Rehab – This program takes the serious athlete to the next level. Specific programs deal with the athlete wishing to excel in:

At Performance Orthopedics, we offer the female athlete “the total package.” Our sports medicine specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and staff are poised and ready to help you get back into the game – and keep you there!

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