This course is geared towards Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapist, however, all allied health personnel and other healthcare members are welcome to join us for this years’ conference and to be provided with a comprehensive look at the latest topics in sport medicine.

Each instructor will break down their topic to discuss injury, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. They will also discuss trending procedures. Upon completion of the course, attendees should be able to distinguish between various diagnoses, recognize the proper treatment and rehab, and apply the gained information in the clinic or on the field.

June 3, 2017

AB West Auditorium
William Beaumont Hospital- Administration Building

$0.00 – space is limited. Please cancel within 7 days of event to allow additional attendees the opportunity to register

BOC Approved Provider 6 Category A hours/CEUs

The speakers include:

Dr. Joseph Guettler – Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dr. James Bicos – Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dr. Mark Karadsheh – Orthopedic Adult Hip and Knee Replacement
Dr. Peter Biglin – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Tad Sprunger – Podiatric Foot and Ankle

Additional Information:

2017 Sport Medicine Flyer
William Beaumount Hospital Campus Map

Conference presentations can be viewed and printed in slide format or handout format.

Reversing Trend in the Treatment of Shoulder Injuries in Contact Athletes -Dr. James Bicos
Managing our Growing Athletes: The Real Effects of Early Sports Specialization -Dr. Joseph Guettler
Maximizing Play and Minimizing Concussions -Dr. Biglin
Getting Down with Advanced Approaches to Athletic Foot and Ankle Injuries -Dr. Sprunger
Can We Engineer Truly Ageless Athletes? -Dr. Karadsheh
Growing Cartilage on Bare Bone -Dr. James Bicos
PRP, Stem Cells and Biologics in Sports Medicine: The Future is Here -Dr. Biglin
Tailoring ACL Reconstruction to You in 2017 -Dr. Joseph Guettler