Thank you for all who attended this year’s conference. We had a great turn-out. We look forward to see you all next spring.

Each year, Performance Orthopedics offers a conference for allied heath personnel;
Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), Physical Therapists (PT), Nurses, Surgical
Technicians, Strength and Conditioning Coaches (CSCS) and other interested personnel.

The 2016 Sports Medicine Conference was Saturday, May 14th at William Beaumount Hospital Royal Oak Campus in the AB West Auditorium of the Administration building. Our conference was free of charge, and continuing education units (CEU’s) are offered for those in attendance.

This year’s conference focused on Sports Medicine from Head to Toe. Each year we have approximately 200 participants whom join us to receive education on various sports injuries and surgical procedures. The participants gain first hand knowledge which will aid in the treatment and rehab of their patients.

The speakers include:

Dr. Joseph Guettler – Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dr. James Bicos – Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Dr. Mark Karadsheh – Orthopedic Adult Hip and Knee Replacement
Dr. Peter Biglin – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Tad Sprunger – Podiatric Foot and Ankle
Dr. Kenneth Soave – Physical Therapy

Additional Information:

2016 Sport Medicine Flyer
William Beaumount Hospital Campus Map

Conference presentations can be viewed and printed in slide format or handout format.

“Tackling” Injuries in the Contact Athlete -Dr. Joseph Guettler

Biomechanics: Understand, Treat & Prevent Athletic Injury -Dr. James Bicos

Concussion Management and Prevention of CTE -Dr. Peter Biglin

Current Concepts in ACL Rehab and Return to Play -Dr. Kenneth Soave


  1. The 2016 conference was the best yet. I really enjoyed the speakers and the information they shared. It was interesting and informative. The food provided by the sponsors was excellent. I hope that you continue this yearly event. As a surgical nurse, I would enjoy more presentations pertaining to the operating room but it is interesting to hear the experience that other services provide.

  2. Will there be a 2017 Sports Medicine Conference?

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