When it comes to sports injuries, growing athletes are not little adults. At Performance Orthopedics, we have developed a special program that caters to the needs of the growing athlete. The growing athlete no longer needs to be sidelined due to injury – this special program is designed to get that youngster back in the game.The program involves several components. These include:

  • Timely care , friendly environment, and common sense approach to the growing athlete
  • Specialized techniques and procedures developed specifically to treat the growing athlete
  • Proactive measures designed to identify, target, and prevent injury in growing athletes
  • Advanced rehab targeted to the growing athlete
  • A bridge program that helps the athlete transition from formal rehab back to sport
  • Sport-specific training developed to help your young athlete
  • A comprehensive health and wellness program (CHIPS – Child Health Initiative Program) developed for kids in conjuction with leading primary care specialists and nutritionists. This separate program targets youngsters who may be overweight and who wish to become more active and promotes healthier lifestyles.

Whether the injury is acute or ongoing, or even if a growing athlete has seen multiple doctors for their problem, we may very well have the answer at Performance Orthopedics. We have both the conservative and minimally invasive surgical techniques to get the growing athlete back in the game. Whether the athlete has a knee, shoulder, elbow, or other sports medicine problem.

Dr. Guettler has years of experience working with college and pro athletes in all sports, as well as many growing athletes. While at Duke, Dr. Guettler helped to develop and test protocols for the prevention of injury in high school athletes, and those programs are now being implemented in southeast Michigan. In addition, Performance Orthopedics is intimately involved with the athletic programs at numerous regional high schools, and good working relationships with these athletic directors, coaches, and athletic trainers have been established.

Performance Orthopedics has become a nationally recognized center of the treatment of knee problems in growing athletes. Recently, we published our new technique for the

“At Performance Orthopedics, it’s all about you at your Peak Performance.”

treatment of ligament injuries in growing athletes in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. We also directed the recent symposium held at the Michigan Orthopedic Society’s Annual meeting. We gave insights into the advances and trends relating to the treatment of growing athletes, and shared our experience with orthopedic surgeons from around the state.

We feel that relationships with reputable organizations and centers are important, and that’s why we are intimately involved with William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.. Not only do we direct the Sports Medicine Program at Beaumont, but we have also set up an extensive network through the emergency department, the orthopedic department, the pediatric department, and the physical therapy department that ensures continuity of care for the young athlete. In addition, this system allows the fast-tracking of the growing athlete.

Our other relationship exists with the Athletic Department at Oakland University. This allows implementation of many of our innovative, sport specific programs. The Performance Plus Program is an innovative way to meet many needs of today’s growing athlete. The program has two major components:

  1. Performance Proactive
  2. Performance Reactive

The Performance Proactive Component involves the following two components:

  • First, obtain the Knowledge that certain individuals may be at risk for certain injuries
    RISKRisk for Injury Screening and Knowledge
  • Second implement the appropriate programs for the at risk athlete to help reduce the incidence of injury. The two programs would be:
      1. The Jumping, Cutting, and Agility Athlete
      2. The Throwing, Serving, and Swinging Athlete

The Performance Reactive Component involves the following two components:

  1. SMOOTHSeemless Move Out Of Therapy: This is a bridge program that transitions the patient who is recovering from injury or surgery back to their normal workout or active lifestyle
  2. STAR Sport Targeted Athletic Rehab – This program takes the serious athlete to the next level. Specific programs deal with the athlete wishing to excel in: Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Baseball

At Performance Orthopedics, we offer the growing athlete “the total package.” Our sports medicine specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and staff are poised and ready to help your young athlete get back into the game!

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