Olecranon Bursitis is a common injury characterized by a lump at the tip of the elbow. The name olecranon refers to the part of the ulna (one of the forearm bones) which is located at the tip of the elbow and bursitis refers to an inflamed bursa. A bursa is a small fluid filled sac that you normally cannot feel, but once it becomes inflamed it can get big, swollen and painful.

The treatment for olecranon bursitis consists of rest , avoidance of direct pressure on the elbow, ice and anti-inflammatory medication. If that does not help, then the elbow can be drained and injected with cortisone to help decrease the inflammation. If that treatment fails, then surgery may be indicated if the patient decides that the pain is too much to handle or they want the lump removed for cosmetic reasons.

The surgery is a small procedure which consists of removing the bursa. Following the surgery, the elbow will be wrapped, but does not need to be immobilized. Recovery time is typically a couple weeks.


  1. Olecranon bursitis is an inflamed bursa at the tip of the elbow.
  2. Conservative treatment consists of medication, ice and rest. If that does not help draining and injecting the elbow is the next step.
  3. Surgery is indicated if the patient decides the pain is unbearable or they want the lump removed for cosmetic reasons.

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