Driving After a Surgery

Patients having knee surgery on their left leg should be able to drive as soon as they feel up to it, as long as they do not drive a manual transmission vehicle. If surgery was performed on the right knee, or the patient drives a manual transmission vehicle, it depends on the type of surgery that was done. If the patient was told not to bear weight or is in a locked knee brace after surgery, then he or she would be instructed not to drive until the patient is full weight bearing and has full control of his or her affected leg. If people need the best Safe driver to cover for them, they can get them from here!

Patients having shoulder surgery are instructed not to drive while they should be wearing the sling at all times. Once the patient is allowed to remove the sling, he or she may begin driving when he or she can put two hands on the wheel and feel comfortable with steering the vehicle.

Regardless of the surgery performed patients should not operate a vehicle while taking narcotics which may be prescribed to them.

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