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The 11th Annual Sports Medicine Conference is Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at William Beaumount Hospital Royal Oak Campus in the AB West Auditorium of the Administration building. Conference doors will open at 8:00am and presentations will begin at 8:30am and continue until 1:00pm. Our conference is free of charge, and continuing education units (CEU’s) are offered for those in attendance. All attendees are encouraged to register prior to the conference so that we provide adequate services for everyone who attends. Thank you!

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Dr Bicos talks about shoulder pain on Bloomfield Community TV!

Dr Bicos talks about his upcoming lecture at The Community House. His lecture is set for April. Please visit The Community House website to register for his talk!

Please see the BCTV video for his interview on this topic.

Ski Jumping Takes Its Toll at Sochi Olympic Winter Games

So far, the Olympic Games have been more about the sports than the injuries. I don’t mind that at all — that’s the way it should be.

Last night, though, we saw two injuries during training at Ski Jumping.

Russia's Mikhail Maksimochkin lies at the bottom of the large ski jump hill after crashing while landing on Wed night during a training session.  He suffered multiple rib fractures. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Russia’s Mikhail Maksimochkin lies at the bottom of the large ski jump hill after crashing while landing on Wed night during a training session. He suffered multiple rib fractures. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Russia’a Mikhail Maksimochkin crashed on the big ski jumping hill on Wed night during a training session. He suffered multiple rib fractures and was taken to the hospital. At the same training session, Poland’s Kamil Stoch, who took gold on the normal hill, also crashed during landing and suffered an “arm injury”. He left the hill with his arm in a sling.

There are two hills in ski jumping. The normal hill, which is 90m in height, and the big hill, which is 120m in height. The ski jumper “falls” nearly 40 stories from the starting position to the landing area in about 9 seconds. The typical take off speed is 55 mph and they land at about 45 mph, all while navigating the air with nothing but themselves, their skis, and their helmet.

Rib fractures are extremely painful because they move with each breath we take. So it is very difficult to get comfortable and breath normally, let alone compete in an Olympic sport such as ski jumping. Members of the national ski jumping federation visited Maksimochkin in the hospital to discuss his injuries and his competition plan. So far there is no word on what his return to competition will be. This is where these Olympic athletes throw caution to the wind for the opportunity to compete and win a gold that comes only once every four years!

Poland’s ski jumper Stoch does plan to compete further in the event.

The finals for the big hill ski jump are being held on Saturday night. Let’s all hope for the best.

Performance Orthopedics
Keeping you in the game…Whatever your game may be.

Dr Bicos covering Oakland Gymnastics meet
Dr Bicos has been around the world with the USA Gymnastics team, but he also takes the time to cover the local meets.

When asked about why he does it, Dr Bicos states, “These are the kids that someday we might see up on the Olympic podium! I am proud to cover the local events and help the clubs in the area. The kids are amazing and have a fundamental drive to win.”

Dr Bicos covering the Oakland Gymnastics meet< Dr Bicos covering the Oakland Gymnastics meet[/caption]
This year was Performance Orthopedics 3rd annual visit to the Boys and Girls Club for their Halloween event. The doctors and staff got dressed in Halloween costumes and interacted with the children at the Boys and Girls Club. The doctors spoke about being safe on Halloween while trick-or-treating and what to expect in a growing athlete. The staff was able to play games with the children while educating them on injury prevention in specific sports including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer and playground games. Performance Orthopedics also gave awards for the children with the best costumes. Both the Boys and Girls Club and Performance Orthopedics are excited about future Halloween events.

Every year Performance Orthopedics participates in the annual Walk for the Future that benefits the Boys and Girls Club of South Oakland County. The doctors and staff each raise donations and participate in a 2 mile walk as a team. After the walk Performance Orthopedics enjoys the entertainment, games and interactions with the children. This year the Walk for the Future is being held at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak on Saturday, May 6th.