Our best efforts will be made to satisfy patient requests for an appointment to see a specific doctor. Patients will be scheduled with the doctor that they have requested unless that doctor is out of town or the problem is of an emergent nature. If the first offered appointment is not satisfactory, then further efforts can be made to find a more timely appointment for your urgent condition. If you have a referral by another physician, the same rules apply. At Performance Orthopedics we will do all that we can to accommodate patient requests.


We value your time and take great pride in running an efficient office practice. With this in mind, although attempts are made to run as close to on-time for your appointment as we can, we unfortunately have no control over many factors that determine our ability to honor appointment times. We place greater value on giving our patients the time they deserve. We feel that our patients deserve complete explanations of their problems as well as treatment options. If you find that we are running behind schedule at check in, to avoid frustration you have the option to reschedule your appointment to a later date. We will do all we can to accommodate rescheduling requests. If time of day and being seen promptly is most important to you, then we can make sure your appointment will be the first of the morning or afternoon session. This may, of course, mean waiting longer for that appointment slot. If your problem is of a more urgent matter, then we suggest a first available time slot or last of the day appointments (being seen on time is less predictable but you will be seen on the day that you requested).

Treating Minors

Any patient under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present. Someone other than the minor must sign the authorization for treatment and acceptance of the financial terms of the office. If anyone other than the legal guardian accompanies the minor patient to his/her appointment, then they would need to have written authorization from the guarantor or legal guardian prior to any treatment.

Privacy Policy

Performance Orthopedics is compliant with and follows a strict privacy policy in an attempt to protect your private and personal health information. A copy of our complete policy is posted in our waiting room. All new patients will be given a copy of that policy. If not provided automatically, we will provide you with the complete policy upon request.

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