Physician Disclosure Statement for Patient of Performance Orthopedics

The relationship between physicians and industry is an important one. The physicians at Performance Orthopedics have been active with research and development of improved surgical instruments and techniques. As part of this work, they have from time to time provided consulting services on new products and input on research and development. In addition, the doctors have given instructional lectures on implants and surgical techniques for other doctors and medical personnel. In return for this time and expertise, the doctors have been paid a consulting fee that conforms to fair market value standards.

A listing of these companies includes:

  • Biomet, Inc.
  • Innomed, Inc.

As ethical physicians, we vow the following to our patients:

  1. We will never be under contract to only use one particular product or brand of implant. We will use the best product or implant needed for each particular patient.
  2. No physician in this office receives any monetary incentive to use any product or device.
  3. The selection of an implant or procedure for any given patient is always based upon what is best for that individual patient and never on any other consideration.
  4. The physicians of Performance Orthopedics are members of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS),, which holds its members to extremely high ethical standards to ensure that there are no conflict of interests that jeopardize the trust patients place in our doctors.

The AAOS has adopted Standards of Professionalism that require orthopedic surgeon members to identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest to their patients, the public, and colleagues. These Standards also clearly articulate how and under what circumstances AAOS members may work with and be compensated by industry, as well as the penalties for failure to comply. You can learn more about these Standards of Professionalism at the AAOS website:

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Joseph Guettler MD
Dr. James Bicos, MD
Dr. Biglin
Dr. Pete Biglin, DO

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